Tracon's most visible part is definately cosplay and we aim to honor that with the most diverse set of competitions and other cosplay programme.

This year Tracon will host several cosplay competitions throughout the weekend! All the competitions are held in the main stage of Tampere Hall - which by the way is really spectacular. We also encourage cosplayers to offer their own ideas for the programme; panels, lectures and workshops.


World Cosplay Summit Qualifiers
Nordic Cosplay Championship Qualifiers
Costume competition: experienced

Performance competition
Costume competition: beginners, intermediate
Costume design competition
Photohoot competition: beginners, experienced

This page contains small introduction of the competitions. We’ll publish the timetables, general information of the competitions, as well as links to the competition rules and registration instructions during the spring.

World Cosplay Summit
We are looking for a duo to represent Finland in World Cosplay Summit 2024! Contestants compete in two-person teams in both costume making and performance. The team selected at Tracon will represent Finland in the 2024 finals in Japan, where teams from around 40 countries will meet to present their cosplay skills!  Both participants must be citizens of Finland.

Nordic Cosplay Championship
Nordic Cosplay Championship qualifiers is a solo competition in the skills of costume making and performance. The winner of Tracon's qualifier will represent Finland at the finals held in Närcon: Linköping, Sweden in summer 2024 as part of the team. Participants must be citizens of Finland.

Performance competition
The performance competition brings drama, horror, dance and huge emotions to Tracon’s main stage! The contestants compete for the best stage performance. The judging is based solely on the competition’s performance on the stage; plot, exhibition, loyalty to the series and overall impression. You can take part in the competition alone or as a group of 15 persons at most.

Photoshoot competitions
Contestants compete for the best cosplay photo, i.e. it's a photography competition. The competition is divided into two categories: beginners and experienced. The evaluation is based on the technical skills, editing, directing (of the model) and effectiveness of the images. The photographs are created as a collaboration between the photographer and cosplayer / cosplayers.

Costume competitions
The costume competitions are for the individuals who wish to compete for the best craftmanship! The judging is solely based on the technical implementation of the costume. The judges are looking into the technical implementation, fit, material selection, character likeness and the possible creation of props or graces, if any. There's no show in the competition, but the contestants are required to do a little walk on the main stage for the audience. We recommend that you consider character-faithful stage walk and a few poses!

This year, individual costume competitions are divided into three categories: beginners, intermediate and experienced.  Detailed descriptions and restrictions of categories will be published in March along with other rules.

Costume Design competition
Have you always dreamed of making your self-designed costume for a familiar character? Or have you ever wanted to bring your role-playing character or a character familiar from mythology alive to the sight of others? The costume design contest will give you the chance to do this! This is a costume competition with a small twist: competitors must design the outfit for their chosen characters themselves.

The judging is based on the technical implementation of the costume, fitting, material choices and the creation of possible props or graces. The judges will also be looking the creativity of the design. The competition does not include a performance, but you can plan a character-faithed stage walk and pose for the stage section.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our cosplay team: